My story...

I have spent my life creating many different things. Born in London, I spent my childhood in France. Whilst I did not complete any formal studies, I have perfected my crochet and knitting skills through years of practice and experimenting with different materials and patterns.

I am a very creative person by nature, and have always been interested in art, fashion and decorating.

I started to sew easy patterns at a young age, and I have always loved to customise my own clothing designs.

In 2011, I took ill and I needed to find something to help me, something that would be a therapeutic way of helping me heal. I began to knit and never stopped, moving quickly from one project to another. I taught myself to crochet mostly so that I could finish the knitted pieces which I had created.

In every great story is an older, wiser person! Mine is no different. My husband’s grandmother helped me improve my knitting and crochet skills. She was amused by the size of some of my knitting needles!

I have spent a lot of time trying to find my calling, knowing, deep down, that I have this need to share my creations with the world and show them what I am able to do.

As part of my unique finish on each item, I use 7 strands of red thread. This signifies the Divine number in the Jewish religion and has become the hallmark on my product range.

I use my knowledge of knitting and crochet, coupled with my religious inspiration to make the unique items found in the Penelope D collection! I have begun teaching local women how to knit and crochet using my methods, empowering them to earn extra money in their spare time.